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We're driven to provide powerful and time-saving tools while still keeping things easy to use.

Tools & Automation

We offer one-click app installations that are optimized to make your setup as hands-free as possible, automating your workflow from start to finish.

Building & Tweaking

Every service is provided with non-root SSH access, giving you the freedom to install and customize unofficial tools and apps to build a workflow that works for you.

Learning & Community

With our ever-expanding knowledge base and a community full of enthusiasts, you’ll be customizing and fine-tuning your personalized hosting in no time.

Customer Support

Support you can depend on

Providing exceptional customer support is our passion and we do everything in our power to ensure that every issue is resolved swiftly and thoroughly.

Every customer is a VIP

Whether you’ve got just one plan with us or a dozen, every support ticket is handled with the same level of scrutiny and priority as any other. Customer support is our top priority.

We are fast!

Not only do we aim to resolve issues with precision, we aim to do it quickly and without compromise. When you have a problem, we want to be the first ones you ask and the first to provide the solution.

Support comes in many forms

If we don't cover it in our documentation or someone in the community isn't able to help you out, submitting an official support ticket is just a click away.


Take a look at our ever-expanding collection of comprehensive guides and tutorials.

Discord Community

Join us on Discord and connect with our community of helpful, like-minded folks just like you.

Support Ticket

If you’re stuck, please submit a support ticket and our professional support team will assist you within the hour.

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Security & Privacy

Peace of mind is priceless

Having a secure infrastructure is critical for any business, especially for a hosting provider such as Ultra.cc. We are fully committed to the security of our systems and the gateways in place to serve our customers. We continue to strive for a culture of transparency and truthfulness.

Third-party security

Given the nature of our services, it’s only natural we rely on outside vendors for our physical infrastructure. Therefore it is imperative that we have ironclad solutions in place to guarantee the privacy and security of our customers.

  • Before committing to partnerships with external vendors, we assess security risk based on the services they provide and we ensure the appropriate technical contracts and commitments are in place.
  • To keep data secure and to avoid possible sneaking, we use private VLANs at our network providers NovoServe and YISP.

External audits

Our software infrastructure and security is audited by the well-respected and reputed third-party security company, Cure53. Their audits are systematic and extensive.

We have and will continue to implement security recommendations and architectural advice from the Cure53 team as part of our annual commitment to complete audits of our code, gateways, databases and general infrastructure.

Bug Bounty Program

To help maintain a high standard of security and privacy for our users, we encourage responsible vulnerability research and disclosure from the security research community.

Global Privacy Practices

Ultra.cc provides the same high standard of privacy protection — as described in our Privacy and Data Handling Policy — to all of our users and customers worldwide, regardless of their country of origin. Ultra.cc is proud of the level of notice, choice, accountability, security, data integrity, access and recourse we provide.

Report a Vulnerability

To report a security vulnerability related to any Ultra.cc service or website, or to find out more about responsible disclosure, please read our Bug Bounty Program.

Our Policies

To learn more about the various policies and programs we have in place to manage and protect your information, please visit our Policies page.

Submit Support Ticket

If you’ve got any concerns regarding your security and privacy, please reach out to us.

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