Plans & Pricing

Choose the best plan for you

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both beginners and experienced users. Get the plan that suits your needs.

Tank Storage

Built for data hoarders, these plans are geared towards users looking for long-term storage.

New! Next-gen plans coming Q2 2021

Bolt NVMe

Featuring high-performance NVMe storage devices, these plans take full advantage of the transfer speeds possible with our Premium Class Network.


For the budget-conscious user, these plans provide an excellent starting point for new or casual users.

Officially supported apps

And many more!

Why shared apps hosting?

Sharing with others doesn't have to sound like a compromise.

Ease of Use

Instead of spending hours upon hours updating, configuring and tuning a dedicated server, jump right into a professionally tuned and optimized environment with one-click app installations and a user-friendly control panel.

Expert Support

With a focus on providing first-class, premium support, we’re here to help you get the most out of your apps without having to resort to endless Googling and forum deep-diving.

Save Money

Rather than taking on the financial burden of running your own dedicated server, you can save money by sharing operating costs with several neighbours but still get the performance of an enterprise-grade server.