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Some more exciting changes are coming...

Hi, Ultra client,

It wasn’t that long ago that someone somewhere had the clever idea of repurposing enterprise-grade networks and hardware intended to power commercial web services to supercharge private content hosting instead. "Seedboxes", as they were, served to change how users distributed content around the world significantly. Now approaching a decade of providing fast, robust and affordable apps hosting, we are proud to be part of that history.


But a lot has changed since we jumped onto the scene: Once impressive 1Gbps uplinks are almost quaint in comparison to today’s 10+10Gbps and 25+25Gbps networks; a 300GB HDD doesn’t store what it used to; and whoever imagined CPUs with 128vCores on a single socket?

So much more than a seedbox

With the rise of incredible homebrew projects such as Emby and Plex Media Server, the ever-increasing power and capacity of commercial server hardware, and the sheer enormity of datacenter network capabilities, how traditional "seedboxes" are used has fundamentally changed. 


Today, our users worldwide can confidently and securely manage and stream their entire personal media collection from any device to any device, anywhere they are, without operating their own costly, at-home server.

As we continue to expand on these technologies and help you accomplish even more with your services with us, we’re moving well beyond what a "seedbox" was ever meant to be. It’s about time our name caught up with us.

Shed some deadweight

Starting next week, we’re dropping "seedbox" from our brand: Ultraseedbox will become Ultra.cc.

As you may have noticed, when we updated our website last year, we also updated our logo and overall branding presentation. It’s time to unite these changes and reveal some of the plans we have in store.

New Domain

Along with the name change, we are introducing a new domain: ultra.cc. This domain will replace only ultraseedbox.com and will not affect any of our service URLs, so you don’t need to worry about changing how you access your apps. We’ll be making the official switch around the middle of the year and continue to redirect ultraseedbox.com for a short time after that. Feel free to update your bookmarks now.

New Documentation

By the end of March, we will be launching our brand new documentation platform. Our documentation team has been working tirelessly to streamline our docs to create a better sense of cohesion between articles and improve overall readability. Our new platform will serve as the launchpad for these improved docs and finally allow for user-contributed content. 

Any user with an active service can submit articles through a user-friendly UI rather than submitting GitHub pull requests or something of that nature. We hope to work together with our awesome community of users to keep our documentation as relevant and useful as possible as software inevitably changes and evolves.

New Unified UI

We will continue to unify our user-experience and bring our billing and control panels “under one roof” before the end of 2021. We plan to unite everything in our completely rebuilt and overhauled UCPv2. This will mark the end of switching between browser tabs to go from installing apps or checking your monthly bandwidth usage to paying invoices or upgrading your plan. 


And — surely this will be great news for at least some of you — UCPv2 will feature the same dark theme as the new website, giving your eyes a bit of a rest as you manage your Ultra account and services.

New Datacenter & Network

In our pursuit of increased privacy and security for our users and to ensure scalability within our infrastructure, we’ve got some substantial infrastructure upgrades in the works. We’re adding another datacenter to our pool: Maincubes AMS1, located in Amsterdam. Every part of our setup will be fully owned and managed by us, keeping full control in our hands. This means increased security, easier and faster maintenance, and limitless flexibility when upgrading and tuning. 


Our networking weapons of choice are two Arista DCS-7280CR2K-30-F Arista DCS-7280CR3K (we got the better one :)) routers for core routing and redundancy and two Edgecore AS7712-32X switches for each rack.


Let us know what you think.

This is just the beginning of what we’ve got in store for the future, and I can’t wait to get your feedback as we begin rolling them out. If you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests, please feel free to Contact Us on the website or head over to the #feedback channel on the Discord Server to let us know what you think.


Thanks for reading along!
— The Ultra Team