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  2. Our Tank series are available for pre-order!

Our Tank series are available for pre-order!

Hi UltraSeedbox customers :)


We are introducing our UltraSeedbox Tank Storage series! All the usual great features and support with more storage with slightly less traffic. The plans have a 1Gbps+ Max speed In/out. Servers themselves will have up to 2x25G uplink. 

Designed to meet the needs of a data hoarder's looking for long term storage or those with large local media libraries.

We want to offer a little bit of everything that suits everyone, so here are our latest offerings.
We have 4 plans we will be rolling out at present


Sabra      - 4TB HDD quota  | 8TB upload quota  - €14.95.
Leopard    - 8TB HDD quota  | 16TB upload quota - €29.95.
Abrams     - 12TB HDD quota | 24TB upload quota - €44.95.
Challenger - 16TB HDD quota | 32TB upload quota - €59.95.


The Tank storage tier is planned to launch this weekend.

We have created a special promotion for this launch. The first 50 users to utilise the coupon TANK50 will receive 50% off their first Invoice. Coupon valid on monthly cycles only.
Even for just a trial purpose, this is an incredible deal.

Much love and Thank you to all that continue to elevate UltraSeedbox.

You can pre-order the new plans HERE

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