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  2. Network and Hardware Migrations Update;

Network and Hardware Migrations Update;

Network and Hardware Migrations 

Within the next 2 years, we plan on having everyone moved to our brand new, no-expense-spared, state of the art hardware, which will be backed by our own network transit. Testing is already underway and looking stellar.

Since this is such a large undertaking, we expect this to be a long process hence the two-year requirement. Will plan to start with LW100-LW109 when the migrations begin (please don’t worry as everyone will be informed when their time comes, and the impact expected during the transition.

This also allows us to finally implement something we’ve been unable to in the past that we are absolutely thrilled about, Unified Paths! Unified paths mean your directory becomes /home/user and no longer /homexx/user this will allow super easy upgrades in the future and we expect very little impact to the user while we make this change. Simply put everything is made easier with zero downsides.

Now for something I’m sure some of you may be initially upset about, we will no longer offer GPUs on the new hardware due to limitations inside the new server chassis. To combat the impact this may have on some of you all new hardware (used in streaming plans) will have a number of extra cores available from the CPU this should equal any benefit lost from GPU slots and allow you to carry on as before if not better!

There will of course be absolutely no loss in features, Plans with Streaming will still have streaming and all of your favourite applications will still be available to you in the manner you have grown accustomed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will this upgrade process start?

We are upgrading & migrating our complete client base to our Ultra Network. It’s a huge task and will be performed in the next 2 years timeframe. We are doing it in batches so if your server comes in batch 1 then your service will be upgraded in the next ~2-3 months.

2. Why don't I get an email of the upgrade? Am I not eligible for a free upgrade?

That’s not the case, you should get an upgrade email only if your service is deployed on the servers of batch1. Here’s the list of servers of batch 1

  • LW814-LW817, LW820-LW827, LW840, LW850, and LW851 (NVME SERVERS) , LW887
  • LW904-LW909, LW911-LW914, LW970-LW976, LW980-LW989

Servers are decided on the basis of their EOL.  If you’re on these servers and you didn’t get the First Email then please feel free to contact us through the ticket so we can provide you your free upgrade details.

3. I’m not on the servers of batch 1 so when will the upgrade process of other servers start?

It completely depends on the EOL of your server and when the time will arrive we’ll for sure contact you through emails and provide you the necessary information. We have already promised that everyone will get a free upgrade so it will happen for sure. :)

4. What are the next steps of this migration process for batch 1 servers?

You will be contacted through the next 2-3 emails which will contain the complete information about migration and its deadline. With the last email, you will get a time period of 10 days to open a ticket and grab your free upgrade. In case you won’t be able to contact us in 10 days, we will upgrade your service manually for you.

5. Will all my data and applications be migrated to the new service?

Of course, all your data and apps will be migrated in the exact same way that they are on your current service, it’s already mentioned in your First email. Our Tech team is working on unified paths and making this transition as seamless as possible.

6. Will the pricing of my service be changed or Will I have to pay anything?

Not at all, it’s a free upgrade so you won’t have to pay and the pricing will not be changed. Yeah but, the pricing of some legacy plans will be reduced if they’re paying higher amounts compared to our new plans. 

If you have any queries other than the above, please feel free to contact us through our ticket system. We’re always here and happy to help. :)


The NVMe migrations have been completed. HDD migrations were due to start 1-5th of July but were delayed. We did send emails last month but I think something may have been miscommunicated a little; The process will _start_ on 5th of July. Not completed. It's not possible to migrate all of our clients in one day. The misconception is that your migration will start on this date, unfortunately, that is not the case sadly. This is when the project will start.

Thank you,
Ultra.cc Team