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IMPORTANT: Depreciated apps to be removed !!

Hey guys and gals.

We just wanted to notify our customers and notice that the following (already depreciated) apps will be completely removed from our infra when we migrate to our own Ultra.cc network starting next month:

PlexRequests/PlexPy. This application was replaced by Ombi and depreciated from our UCP in 2019.
Rapidleech. Depreciated from UCP in late 2019, as it's not an active project any more and, at the time, had not been updated in a few years. You can switch to pyLoad or Jdownloader2 as alternatives.
Sichbeard. Depreciated in 2018, no updates in 7 years. Sonarr, Sickchill and Medusa all do essentially the same job and are actively updated. 
SickRage. Our SickRage was SickChill under its old name after the developer split.

These applications _must_ be migrated to alternatives sooner rather than later as they will not be supported on our new network and will cease to function. The container/installer will not exist, unfortunately.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
Please have a good weekend.

Best Regard,
Ultra.cc Management team.