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Exciting NVMe Relaunch and Black Friday offerings!

Hello everyone,

When we launched our NVMe line-up 18 months ago, we had a couple customer types in mind: 1) those with high throughput requirements and, consequently, high traffic requirements, and 2) those who use media servers such as Plex and Emby and require cloud backups. Over these past 18 months, we've learned that the vast majority of Bolt users fall into camp #2 and typically end up with a lot of surplus traffic each month. Those in camp #1 are not forgotten though! You can always purchase additional traffic add-ons.

Especially as we move into difficult economic times, we want to give our Bolt offerings a fair revamp to make them as competitive as our other tiers.

Starting today, we've discontinued our high-traffic NVMe plans and want to introduce more affordable plans that serve more of our customers' needs. They are as follows:






We are launching these new and exciting offerings with a limited BLACK FRIDAY coupon to make them even more affordable! Using the code below, you can get 20% RECURRING off all Bolt offerings. This code will stack with our default commitment savings — you can save up to 30% on an Annual plan!


WHILE STOCKS LAST!! Current Availability: ~150TB only!

NOTE: Mustang-Pro, Hercules-Pro, Harrier-Pro and Mirage-Pro Bolt plans will be retired and grandfathered. No action is needed if you are on these plans. They will renew and operate as they were, with same configurations you signed up for.

And while we're on the subject of Black Friday, all of our Singapore and Canadian Tank Streaming plans have a coupon available for immediate use:


This will give you 50% off your first month of any Tank plan in SG/CA/(NL SOON!).
We currently do not have enough inventory to enable the code for the Netherlands. We will reevaluate the first week of December. The coupon will run until January 6th, 2023.

For those interested, we are in the process of exploring a new hosting avenue - Game Server hosting. We plan to offer games like Minecraft, CS:GO, and many more with just one click and with the same level of quality and support that we provide at Ultra.cc. Please help us beta test our hardware and join our Discord at discord.ultraservers.com.

Happy Holidays from us all at Ultra.cc

Thank you,
Ultra.cc Management.